TYT MD380/MD390/G DMR radio

MD380Tools V2.0 (DL2MF branch preview)

Latest changes: 2017-06-16

Welcome to a short overview to MD380Tools V2.0 with latest changes and new options from my developer branch.

The following pages are intended to grow to a complete MD380Tools overview in future, related to the development process. When I started with using this firmware about 1 1/2 years ago, information sources were very rare to find. Many functions were available from a developer view, but most of them not very self-explaining. Here you will find a description of many additions and changes. All depending sources are already on my github fork [1], but you may not find all of the modules currently under development, to avoid conflicts with pending pull and merge requests.

This actually is a preview of my current developer beta! Official master available at [2] will not include these changes until the official merge of pending pull requests was done after the review process by Travis Goodspeed & other contributors is completed.


What was the main development goal?

Many new functions and extensions like lastheard screens, TalkerAlias, backlight dimming, morse output and more have been added to MD380Tools during the last months. Now the tools menu with latest 17 menu items has reached the total limit of max. menu entries. I thought, it was overdue and the right time now for me to overhaul the spreaded features and to create a new, comfortable and rapid accessible menu structure – MD380Tools V2.0. Please always refer to this version, if you are talking about the new menu. Otherwise it will mean, you are relating to the prior version, that maybe no longer supported by myself.

How does MD380Tools look now?

Let’s have a first brief preview of the look of the MD380Tools menu, before we go in depth to any of the functions. The “old” menu before was a menulist with 17 functions and settings, partly with additional submenus, but with no functional groups.

The new MD380Tools-Menu V2.0 looks pretty smart:

Like you will already notice at a first glance, now all MD380Tools features are arranged into 6 functional grouped submenus:

  1. Display
  2. Keyboard
  3. Radio
  4. DMR Setup
  5. Tones
  6. Developer

This is a clearly arranged menu structure most Ham’s already know from many other Hamradios. It will give the user quick access to many different MD380Tools features and often used functions from the first screen, most often allows you to find each feature without scrolling.

Like mentioned on top of the page, this site will grow and is intended to become something like a user manual to the MD380Tools functions step-by-step.


[1] – https://github.com/DL2MF/md380tools
[2] – https://github.com/travisgoodspeed/md380tools

Download MD380tools firmware (DL2MF builds)

Since November 2016 I’m developing extensions to the MD380tools firmware for the Tytera MD380/390 Retevis RT3/RT8 DMR radios. I’ll provide from time to time downloads of the free MD380tools firmware.

These downloads are experimental firmware versions, based on my latest changes to the official build available on: https://github.com/DL2MF/md380tools

A changelog with description pf major changes can be found here:

All these version are being built for the MD-390 GPS version (FW S013.20):

2017-03-19 – NEW: Download my experimental Firmware for Tytera MD-380G/390G with GPS based on #md380tools – My version with Netmon4/5/6 and new keyboard layout.

#define VERSIONDATE L”2017-03-xx”
#define GIT_VERSION “34054c1-dirty”

[ddownload id=”1696″]

2017-02-02 – Download my experimental Firmware for Tytera MD-380G/390G with GPS based on #md380tools – My version with Netmon4/5/6 and new keyboard layout.

#define VERSIONDATE L”2017-01-29″
#define GIT_VERSION “34054c1-dirty”

[ddownload id=”1696″]

Official builds are available on: https://github.com/travisgoodspeed/md380tools

Herzlich Willkommen / Welcome

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The DMR-Control-Panel DV4MF2 ist no more available (the sourcecode is due to several copyrights not released) and will not be continued. All language files for the latest released version are availbale at GitHub: https://github.com/DL2MF

More news can be found on Twitter: https://twitter.com/DL2MF

73 DL2MF